We help cannabis brands become more eco-friendly. Whether you're running a dispensary and want to go 100% zero-waste or you'd just like to be more mindful in your day to day smoke habits, we can help.

Because your green should also be green.

Work with us to make your smoking habits and supply-chain more eco-friendly.

Consumers have never been more conscious of the harm that excess plastic is doing to our planet, not to mention our bodies. Are the materials you use to store and package your smoke supplies the best you could be using?

Build sustainability into the heart of your brand. It's not just good for the planet, it's also good business sense.

Whether you're an influencer or you run a dispensary, we can help you to audit your routines and processes and find way to reduce waste, find eco-friendly substitutes and more.

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Sustainability Consultation

From the containers you store your bud in, to the packaging that comes home with it, to the chemicals you use to clean your equipment and accessories. There's so many little ways you can be harming your health and the environment with your smoke habits.

If you're running a dispensary or cannabis brand, there's probably even more waste that's being created with the need to use plastic to meet state requirements on child safety and labeling. Add to that the waste you have around shipping? It's an eco nightmare.

With changes in the industry have come new opportunities and solutions. We can help you to find efficiencies that also impact your bottom-line and match you with vendors and partners that can make your entire weed routine as green as possible.

Work with us to make your green more green. It's good for you, your customers and the environment!

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Brand Representation

There's no doubt "green marketing" is here to stay. Customers spend their dollars on brands that share their values, and who doesn't care about the planet these days?

If you have an eco cannabis brand, we can match you with the right partners and opportunities to be as good at marketing your green brand as you are at being eco-friendly in your day to day practices.

Member benefits include:

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The decisions you make every day add up to a pretty big impact on the planet. If weed is a major part of your lifestyle or business, then you should be thinking about ways to make your routines as eco-friendly as possible. We're here to help, and an initial consultation is free, so what is there to lose? Don't you want your green to be more green?

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